I did the recent course and can vouch for how fab Sian is! She makes it super relaxing and fun. Zero pressure. No need to get your belly out ;) I was surprised at how much of a work out it is! Planning on signing up again for this next set of classes - Michelle, Sowerby Bridge

As a dancer, Sian is mesmerising to watch. Her attention to detail results in a flowing performance, and her love for her art shines through, bringing fun and making her dance look relaxed and effortless.

As a teacher, she is patient and listens to the needs of her students. She is able to break down the moves and use her wealth of knowledge to offer advice on how to improve and practice. Her classes are well structured, allowing for a combination of learning new moves and developing technique, then incorporating these into choreographies in a range of belly dance styles, allowing enjoyment and improvement for all. - Karen, Merseyside

Never tried belly dancing before? Nervous? Well don't be! 

Sian is a very  patient and knowledgeable teacher and believe you me, I know ! As well as teaching the class group, she also has a very intuitive, person- centred style of teaching so if you struggle with any of the steps or moves she breaks it down very carefully.

You will have a great time so go on, treat yourself give it a go and most of all, have fun! - Jackie, Cheshire

Sian is not only a beautiful dancer who makes everything look effortless, she is also a very patient teacher. She breaks down and demostrates moves carefully. Her dances are fun and pose different levels of challenge. Her passion and enthusiasm come accross both in her dancing and her friendly approach to the classes she takes. - Heather, Cheshire

Sian originally joined our troupe as one of the dancers but became so interested in and so good at belly dancing that she became our teacher and what an amazing teacher she has been! We were all so sorry to lose her when she moved to Calderdale recently but of course we wish her every happiness in her new life and ventures. I and the rest of the Frodsham Belly Dance troupe can highly recommend Sian as teacher, dancer and friend.

We all miss you terribly Sian and wish you good luck with everything that you do in the future! Best wishes from all of your friends. - Debbie, Merseyside

I love belly dancing and I wish I had found it earlier. Sian is a perfect teacher showing so much warmth, patience and passion for the dance and this makes the experience truly rewarding. You can go just for the weekly dance sessions or get involved even further and join in with the haflas (belly dance parties) organised by many belly dance troops in our local area. Frodsham Belly Dance is one big happy family for women of different shapes, sizes, ability and ages. Just give it a go, you won’t regret it! - Jane, Cheshire