Belly dance classes in the Calder Valley, West Yorkshire

I run friendly, inclusive classes suitable for all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities. While belly dance is usually a hobby enjoyed by women in the UK, anyone can do it and all are welcome. As a teacher I love being able to share the things I've learned and the joy that belly dance can bring. 

I started belly dancing in 2013. I wanted to meet new people and I enjoyed dancing so when I saw the advert outside my local community centre I thought I'd give it a try.

What started as a fun way to spend an evening has become so much more. I've attended workshops with inspiring teachers, tried different styles of dance, been to loads of brilliant parties, met so many wonderful people and made some truly special friends.

Hope to see you at a class soon for some wiggles and giggles!

Belly dance (also known as Arabic dance, Egyptian dance or raqs sharqi) emphasises isolations, undulations and movement of the torso and hips. These movements are present in historic, folkloric and social dances of the Middle East, North Africa, Southern Europe and India.

In the UK, professional belly dancers usually perform solo at restuarants, clubs and parties, and/ or deliver classes and workshops. Beginners and amateurs often practice together in troupes as a fun, social activity, with performances at community events and belly dance parties, or 'haflas'.